Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Web Wednesday - Ride Without Worries

This reporter found his calm on the bus
If you've long suspected that your daily drive is adding undue stress to your life, along comes this video from "the Beeb," Britain's BBC television network, to prove it.

A reporter straps himself up to some biofeedback gizmos and compares his stress level while driving a car to work versus riding the bus. At the end of the experiment, a very impressive neuropsychologist tells him (to paraphrase), "yep, you were one stressed-out puppy in the car."

So let's say you're thinking about lowering your stress by kicking the car to the curb (so to speak) and trying this bus thing, but you have some real concerns. After all, what happens if you need to leave work early to care for a sick child or stay late to work on a last-minute project? Stuff happens, right? Can you really give up the car?

Well, we have a solution. It's called Emergency Ride Home, and it will erase those "what if" fears that may be keeping you from trying transit.

Sign Up and Say "Ahhhh...."
HART is a partner with TBARTA Commuter Services (formerly Bay Area Commuter Services) in offering the Emergency Ride Home program to anyone who uses alternatives to driving solo for their daily commute.

Each year, you'll take a few minutes to sign up for the ERH program, then carpool, vanpool, bicycle, ride the bus or walk to work at least two days a week. That's it. When those inevitable situations arise, you're eligible for a free taxi ride home (up to $100) eight times per year.

And since it's Web Wednesday, of course you'll find more information on our website, here, and even more detail here. To register for the program with TBARTA Commuter Services, click here.

So get riding already! Can't you just feel your stress levels going down...down...down.......

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