Thursday, 30 September 2010

Methods of Shipping Automobiles Overseas

The advent of modern shipping ways has opened new and convenient channels for shipping automobiles to different parts of the globe. Enjoy simple shipping experience by getting in touch with a credible ocean shipping company. Shipping automobile companies can easily transport any type of automobile at its destination point. You can avail almost all of the complicated logistics involved with shipping cars at one place.

Methods Of Shipping Cars Overseas:
For international shipping of automobiles, multi-logistics approaches have to be applied. Here are a few well known;

Roll On, Roll Off (RORO) – In this method, special ships and ferries are used for transportation of automobiles. These designed vessels act like a large floating parking garage.

Cargo Container Shipping - Shipping cars in a cargo container is quite common. A standard 20 foot container is used for carry most cars.

Door To Door – In this process, arrangements have to be done to ship automobiles to the correct port of departure.

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