Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Are They the Right Freight Carrier for You?

Freight forwarders use the shipment of freight across several carriers and modes of transport. A freight forwarder will arrange carriage—from origin to destination—contracting with carriers that will handle the freight as well as processing any necessary paperwork. Typically, freight forwarders are hired to handle international freight shipments.

While a carrier’s authority, insurance, and references indicate a reliable, professional business, there are other considerations when hiring a freight hauler. You should review a carrier’s projected transit time and number of transfers; a long transit and multiple transfers indicate that your shipment may not be the best match for this carrier’s abilities. You should aim to hire the carrier who can ship your freight with the least amount of interlining possible. Also, check the company’s on-time delivery rate, which should be above 90% percent.

If you have researched a freight hauler properly, you should have no concerns when shipping your goods.

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