Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Freight Forwarding Company

A forwarding company is a company that accepts goods for international shipment and arranges for their easy transport. The forwarding company itself does not have a fleet of trucks, trains, ships, and aircraft, but it has business relationships with companies which do, and it uses these relationships to facilitate transportation of goods for its clients. Individuals can use forwarding companies, as can companies which need assistance with international shipments.

The work of a forwarding company is about much more than making shipment arrangements. These companies also handle storage, including special needs storage such as climate controlled storage. In addition, they process the paperwork necessary to go through customs and satisfy any requirements from the originating or destination countries. Forwarding companies also track shipments, provide mechanisms for claims in the event that there is a problem, and provide similar services.

Find a good freight forwarding company and look closely about the contract details before signing any!

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