Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Web Wednesday - Moving You to Safety

These signs designate HART's
Emergency Evacuation Service
As we turn the calendar to September, the Atlantic hurricane season is nearing its most volatile period. According to this graph produced by the National Hurricane Center, the season peaks on September 10. And with two hurricanes threatening the East Coast of the US, it's an important reminder that we keep our guard up.

HART can help with some resources you can access right on our website.

Part of your hurricane plan should include knowing whether or not you're in an evacuation zone. Hillsborough County's updated evacuation zones and shelters map gives you a detailed look at the entire county, with shaded areas designating evacuation zones and the locations of shelters, including those for people with special needs or pets. We've linked to the county's map here.

If you're in an evacuation zone and have no other means of getting out, HART operates ten emergency evacuation routes that can take you to safety before a storm hits. The routes serve four designated Hillsborough County shelters. Click here to view a map (PDF) of HART's emergency evacuation routes.

HART and the Hillsborough County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) urge you to make your plans now, and to consider the evacuation bus routes only as a last resort.

Bus Service During Emergency Conditions
If a major storm threatens our area, you should plan for the possibility of service interruptions. To minimize inconvenience to our customers, we will announce the need to interrupt service as early in the day as possible, and will work to restore service just as soon as it is safe to do so.

For more detailed information on HART's hurricane evacuation service and service plans in case of emergency, please click here.

To learn more about hurricane preparation, such as how to put together your hurricane survival kit, where to get sandbags, and how to prepare your pets, visit the Hillsborough County hurricane information website by clicking here.

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