Friday, 17 September 2010

The Fun Side of Transit

Happy Friday! Today we'll kick off your weekend with some fun transit facts, videos and other interesting tidbits.

What would the world look like without transit?
Transit Gets Animated
This video submitted to the Florida Public Transportation Association (FPTA) is an animated look at how gray and ugly the world would be without transit.

It's all part of FPTA's "Tell Your Story" campaign, so be sure to check out all the other great videos posted on their website,

Metro Rap
A Washington, D.C. Metro rider gets all creative with the rhyme in this ode to the local rail transit system. From the state of the escalators to the general hygiene of his fellow passengers, it seems no subject is off limits.

What the well-dressed transit rider is wearing.
Wear Your Transit Pride
Wanna show off your support for public transit? The American Public Transportation Association has a fun collection of buttons (like the "My other car is the bus" button on the left) you can order from their website, Just send an e-mail to the address provided and they'll hook you up.

10 Reasons to Significantly Expand Public Transit
This list is meant to persuade folks in Michigan to support a proposed transit investment, but all of the great benefits of transit they point out are certainly relevant here in the Tampa Bay area, too.

This one in Dubai is air conditioned!
And Finally...The World's Weirdest Bus Stops
From London to Dubai, this page pulls together some of the quirky places around the world where people can wait for a bus. You may notice that giant fruit seems to be a recurring theme...

So we had some fun, we learned some stuff, and we wrapped up the week with a smile. Have a great weekend, and safe travels!


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