Wednesday, 29 September 2010

International Car Shipping

International car shipping has become extensively popular and useful over a few years now, mostly because the prices are affordable to justify keeping your vehicle even if you're moving overseas. The practice is particularly popular among owners of one-of-a-kind or customized vehicles.

The most common form of international car shipping is RORO (or roll-on,-roll-off), In this form of chipping, cars are rolled or driven directly onto a ship cargo or deck area. RORO is the cheapest form of international shipping, as cars are exposed to the elements and to the environment around them, being at a higher risk for scratches or damage.

For those who want additional protection, cars can also be shipped internationally inside special containers. Shared containers, sometimes referred to as consolidation shipping, are a good option if you're shipping your car to a large city or a popular destination, as you can only use this system if there are enough cars to fill a container (which fits 4 or 5 cars). Individual containers are the third and most expensive method, usually recommended for those with expensive or collectible cars.

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