Thursday, 23 September 2010

Things You Should Know About Container Freight

Although there are a number of things that you need to keep in mind while considering and keeping the freshness of your goods in mind while sending it across to a foreign destination. Knowing more about shipping containers will help you in choosing the best measures to ensure the safety & security of your products easily and conveniently. Mastering this aspect of international shipping can mean the difference between a successful and smooth shipment, or one that is hopelessly mired in a series of problems and miscues do to the improper size of the container. No matter which part of the ship route you are taking for sending your goods to different destinations, the right knowledge and understanding will help you to do the rightful things when needed.

There are two kinds of shipping containers:

20 Foot Shipping Container:

The 20 foot shipping container has 1,050 cubic feet of usable interior space, and can safely and easily accommodate the furnishings of a small, one or two bedroom house. Or it can fit one standard sized automobile and a few boxes of other cargo.

40 Foot Shipping Container:
A 40 foot shipping container has 2,200 cubic feet of usable interior space that can easily fit two standard sized vehicles, one large vehicle such as a truck or a semi, or it can accommodate the furnishings of a four or five bedroom house with little trouble.

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