Monday, 4 October 2010

Services Related to Transit-Transportation

Ocean transportation is an important form of goods transportation in today’s world. This special method of transportation is being carried for long distances. This type of transportation is suitable for almost any kind of goods; both perishable and non-perishable in nature. Following are services related to transit transportation business:

Coordination of domestic and international transporters (carriers)
- Inland pickup and delivery to/from port
- Providing arrangements and coordinating customs for Bonded Warehousing: This is applicable
where the duty on import goods is unpaid cargo is stored in the joint custody of the importer and customs officials.
- Container loading and arrangements for the management and loading of break-bulk (individually loaded) cargo
- Locating space and availability and transporting to free ports or SEZ's (special economic/trade zones with relaxed customs regulations and taxes). This is especially for trans-shipment purposes; cargo at free ports is accepted for handling, processing and reshipment without the imposition of tariffs and taxes
- Insurance, Risk management and cargo loss prevention

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