Friday, 5 March 2010

Kinds of Ocean Transport

Ocean transport is an important link for streamlining the global supply chain and makes it sustainable. It is vital to develop ideal sea channels for smooth transfer of goods and commodities without charging too high. The system of international shipping is about making a suitable framework which is competitively reasonable to enable cost effective worldwide sourcing and distribution.

The kinds of ocean transport:
In modern international transportation system, ocean transport has occupied a significant position in facilitating channels of imports and exports. It has brought different parts of the world closer. This type of transport operates on a natural track where man has to do nothing.

Mainly, there are two types of ocean transport like:

Coastal shipping:
This particular type of transport is used for carrying goods from one place to another within the country. Mostly, heavy and bulky traffic over a long distance is managed by coastal shipping ways.

Overseas Shipping:
This type of transport is mostly used for carrying goods from one country to another over the ocean. Vehicles like liners, tramps, cargo-liners and the tankers are used for overseas shipping methods.

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