Tuesday, 15 September 2009


I was in New York City watching the VMa's Live.. I thought Russel Brand was funny and different but by the looks of the faces in the crowd, I could tell he went over everyones head.. Lady Gaga is dope especially her Christmas wreath face mask. Thank God someone is original! Beyonce once again killed it and shook every R&B chick watching (except Mary J. Blige).. I thought it was funny when Kanye West jumped up on stage, cause he disrupted a boring moment. He was correct in saying that Beyonce should have won, but his Ego and Timing over shadowed the Truth. Taylor Swift needs to stay at the Country Music Awards cause she has no Swag, Rhythm, or Street smarts to survive a simple altercation . My 4yr old Daughter would have not let him walk away with out saying "My Daddy is going to kick your ass..." She should have told him" Don't be mad at me, You should be mad at that barber who cut your hair.." Taylor Swift isn't so swift, she stiffed. Seventeen or not Taylor came off ungrateful and selfish for Not Thanking Beyonce for doing something she didn't have too. Thanks Jay Z and Alicia Keys for the Hottest song of the Year. Unfortunately for us the Night was ruined by Corn Ball, No hit having," Lil Mama".. Thank God Jay turned his back to her. I think she jumped on stage cause she thinks she is miss New York, but miss NY moved to Hollywood for a measly check. If Kanye would have not jumped on stage, no one would have been talkin about it. God Bless Alicia Keys and H.O.V the God..

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