Thursday, 16 April 2009


Ypulse / Youth Marketing

Youth Pulse : Could you name a brand or two that has done a successful job
of connecting with young Hispanic consumers? Which ones and how?
Well, I used to work for this company, but I think MTV Tr3s ‹ MTV's Hispanic
targeted channel. They've definitely been able to leverage that equity
they've been able to build with youth culture and add a Latino flavor to
that. They make it personal and make it culturally relevant. Even their
playlist is bi-cultural. You can see Daddy Yankee right next to 50 Cent. So
yeah, MTV Tres is one brand that's been able to do that successfully
And most recently, Universal Studios partnered with Mr. Cartoon, a icon in
graffiti, tattoo and car culture. He's also a Latino from California who has
a lot of credibility with the urban youth culture. He designed a mural for
the "Fast and the Furious" movie that contributed to the overall buzz for
the movie and really helped ramp up the marketing efforts. For the opening
weekend, a recent Variety article reported that 46% of the audience was

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